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Vehicle Tracking System

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PerformICT provides a Vehicle Tracking LBS (Location Based System) to address leading Saudi Arabia & regional organizations requirements that is capable of monitoring, tracking, visualizing and managing of real time moving resources, objects and assets.

The system is based on industry leading open standards with out of box platform functionality capable of displaying moving units on maps at the central station console. The solution is developed locally utilizing leading industry Geographical Information Systems (GIS) which can be customized according to the organization requirements.

The tracking units placed inside the vehicles will be the standard products Satellite & GSM versions, supplied with vehicular antennas and based on SMS/GPRS-GSM communication network.

The In-Car Unit is a standard product with some standard functionalities such as automatic updating of position, polling of position, logging facility, start stop reporting, technical alarming, counter event reporting, etc. The In-Car Unit has the possibility for adding options like handset for voice communication, serial data link for connecting external devices, etc.

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