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The Brainbench Difference: Breadth, Ease of Use, and Quality
Only Brainbench has the breadth of assessments and technology to combine job-specific specific skills with past work behavior assessments and key personality factors in one simple, easy-to-use interface. Additionally, only Brainbench is ISO-9001:2000 certified, to ensure you receive the quality product and service you demand.
Our assessment products give you the information you need to make more effective hires in an easy to administer, easy to interpret format, so you can focus on the decisions, not the paperwork.

Our comprehensive Assessment Test Catalog includes:

  • More than 1400 assessments
  • Assessment types such as Skills, Knowledge, Personality, and more
  • Job types such as Administration, Call Center, Finance, Health, IT, and more

Quickly Identify the Best Candidates

Companies are overwhelmed by so many applicants that they can't manage the flow nor identify candidates in a reasonable amount of time. Many organizations use our assessments for screening to help with this problem.
Often, an applicant can be eliminated because they do not meet the minimum qualifications for the job. In other cases, their past work behaviours indicate potential problems. In still other cases, they don't have the core skills you need to get up-to-speed in a reasonable amount of time. Automation can make these determinations for you.
Assessments cannot make your hiring decisions for you. However, they can provide needed information to help you answer key questions:

  • Can they do the work?
  • Does their past work history indicate a terrific employee or potential problems?
  • Do they need training or can they hit the ground running?
  • Will their attitude enhance or hinder productivity?
  • Do their interests match the job? Will they stay?
  • Additionally, by documenting the key dimensions and suggesting interview questions & topics, assessments provide important structure thereby increasing the effectiveness of the interview
  • Hiring Managers would deal affectively with:
    > High turnover rate
    > Pressure to improve performance measures
    > Need to increase hiring efficiency and do more with less

Continuously Assess & Develop for each job role
Our industry-leading online employee assessment system has helped organizations large and small, achieve the following results:

  • Boost Training ROI
  • Differentiate Skills Assets
  • Establish Skills Accountability
  • Ensure Information Security Awareness
  • Speed Self-Improvement

Only Brainbench offers more than 1400 different assessments within a technology platform designed to support employee development at the job role level. Hundreds of employers use our patent-pending technology to help their employees quantify their skills, link to learning resources, and qualify in job roles that meet the specific needs of the organization. In addition to testing, we assist companies in developing a competency model, specifying job roles, and rolling out skills qualification programs to their employees. Our online assessment and employment screening and testing services have been used by thousands of clients including Fortune 500 companies.

By using our tools Development, Training, and Performance Measurement Managers would deal effectively with:

  • Pressure to demonstrate a return on training investment.
  • Need to prescribe training based on objective assessment.




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