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If you have been considering a career change, or starting a job search, or perhaps starting your own business, a few well spent minutes with an experienced career counselor (career coach) will help get you started in the right direction. Sadly, when it comes to making big changes in one's life, parents, spouses, other relatives, friends and coworkers are usually the least supportive. Why? Unless they are high energy, optimistic, and successful in their own right, the people closest to you won't want to see you change. They like you just the way you are. Sure they may complain about you, but most likely they will be afraid of any changes you propose. What you really need is someone who is totally objective. Someone who is experienced at helping others manage career changes and job searches.


Career counseling is a highly individualized and supportive process through which you and your counselor work together to help you define your career/life path. You will work with a counselor, at your own pace, on the parts of the Career Planning process appropriate to your needs. Usually clients come for four to six one-hour sessions. Appointments are arranged at your convenience during morning, daytime, and early evening hours. Telephone counseling appointments are also available An effective career planning process involves:
• Self assessment: Using a variety of worksheets and assessment tools, we help you clarify your skills, values, interests, personality traits, preferred work environment, desired people, interactions, talents, and career development needs.
• The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and the Strong Interest Inventory® are two standardized assessment tools that we sometimes use with clients.
• Generate career options: Through discussions with your career counselor, the various worksheets and the standardized assessment inventories, we help you identify career options to consider.
• Explore career options: Learning about your career choices is an important step in this process. You can read about your career ideas in our Career Resources Library and we will help you prepare for and conduct information interviews.
• Set goals and take action: With your career counselor, you will set goals for yourself and then take action to pursue those goals. You may decide to seek further education, enhance your skills, make changes in your current job, or seek a new job.

Your career counselor can help you with preparing for any of these steps. Preparing for job search, planning for networking, writing your résumé, and practicing and preparing for interviews are all actions that your career counselor can help you learn to do


Do you want to retain your talented employees and utilize all your employees more effectively?

Employees value opportunities for development and advancement. Companies that provide career development services for their employees find that these services help with growing and retaining talented employees and result in happier and more productive employees.

PerformICT provides customized career development services to corporations on-site or at the Center. We offer individualized career development counseling and group workshops for employees and managers.

After individual career development counseling, employees say:
“It helped me define my likes and strengths so I can move toward the career I'm best suited for.”
“I learned that the things I was interested in could be found within my company.”
“It provided me with a structured process for evaluating my career path.”

We provide workshops such as:
• Career Development Seminars
• Coaching Employees on Career Development – for managers
• Conducting Career Development Discussions – for managers
• Personality and Leadership Style
• Team Building
• Dealing with Office Politics
• Managing Change
• Other customized programs




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